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Online voice lessons & coaching

LGBTQ+ safe
 Neurodiverse friendly
 FREE first consultation
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I started singing lessons as a way to help me relax more. Spending time with Jaspis has really helped me feel more free with my voice. I didn't realise how tight and strained it was. Taking lessons helped me decrease a lot of that tension.

Sarah V.

I struggled a lot with my voice after taking testosterone. It changed a lot and I didn't like how my new lower voice sounded. It was kinda flat and didn't really carry. I also lost access to higher notes and it was very difficult to sing higher up. Revoiced helped  me use my new voice better so I could sound more manly and my singing range is also bigger because I can reach some higher notes again.


I lost my entire upper range not too long ago and looked for a voice teacher to help with this. I thought it was maybe a physical issue, but working with Jaspis helped me discover I was having trouble because recent stress in my life was making me very tense physically and it was also affecting my voice. I learned a lot about relaxing techniques and how to use breathing and singing to let go of stress and calm myself. It's been a really big help. I can sing better again, but I'm also a lot more relaxed in my life and can handle stressful situations better now.


Thank you so so so much. I always loved to sing but I was so scared of other people hearing it and I also never took lessons because I was very scared that I wasn't good. I'm very happy I chose to try lessons with you! It's really helping me with social anxiety and being scared to make mistakes and do something wrong. 


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