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About Revoiced

At Revoiced, we connect the voice and mental health. We offer a safe space for all who want to sing, and use the practice of singing as a tool for trauma release, empowerment and building a better connection with ourselves.

Your Coach

After a long road of trauma, instability and insecurity, Jaspis experienced firs-hand the healing power of voice work. On a mission to pay it forward, they studied voice science and pedagogy with excellent mentors such as Sam Johnson and John Henny, and through organisations such as IVTOM (International Voice Teachers of Mix) and EVTA (European Voice Teacher Association). They have familiarised themselves with a variety of mental health theories and practices, such as polyvagal theory and somatic experiencing, and continue to educate themselves through high quality courses and masterclasses.


Singing is for everyone. At Revoiced we believe the goal of singing is authentic self-expression and communication. Using our voice is not only reserved for the naturally gifted or the famous. Everyone has a right get in touch with themselves, connect with others and find more balance, understanding and joy in life through singing. Our goal is to create a space of safety and trust for everyone who wants to get more out of their voice, is looking for healing, or simply seeking some time and space for themselves away from the rush and obligations of everyday life.

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At Revoiced we believe there's a profound connection between our well-being and how we connect with and use our voice. Trauma, marginalisation, neurodiversity,... can have a profound impact on our ability to care for and use our voice well. Simultaneously, practicing care for our voice and working with singing as a tool for self-expression, reconnecting with our bodies and communicating with others, can result in significant improvements to our mental health and overall well-being. 

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